More Epsilon shake ups


June 9th Gossip

Arie — Former EU superteam Epsilon eSports continues to change its lineup. ‘Kicked’ today, Raymon. Joined today WARHURYEAH.

So did WARHURYEAH jump ship for a chance to win an ETFL2L season? Once i52 comes around he’s going to be replaced with numlocked anyway, no? Your thoughts below…

Friend of the site, Mr. X hacked steam chat to get us the logs of Raymon getting his pink slip:

21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: hey raymon
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: i’m so sorry man
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: talking with mike atm
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: we just plan that for giving us more chance for winning i52 that all
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: for the rest 1 season we don’t care
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: so you can keep playing with us ofc
21:24 – Epsilon KnOxXx: if you wanna finish the season np
21:31 – Raymon: nah, i think it’s the end of the line for me
21:32 – Raymon: it might be more optimal for you guys anyway, more practice for mike back on soldier, you med, etc
21:32 – Raymon: can just get pockets until seb is back
21:32 – Raymon: could you remove me from etf2l?
21:33 – Epsilon KnOxXx: i don’t wanna remove you on etf2L
21:33 – Epsilon KnOxXx: like you still in the team man
21:33 – Epsilon KnOxXx: isn’t a kick
21:34 – Raymon: okay i guess
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: we wanna play the end of the season with u if you want
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: it’s just all about i52
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: since seb is back
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: we wanna bring all of our old lineup in
21:35 – Raymon: yeah i know, i saw this coming
21:35 – Raymon: but i’d rather not play
21:36 – Epsilon KnOxXx: as you want
21:36 – Epsilon KnOxXx: sorry :/
21:37 – Raymon: it’s cool

With the amount of team members they’ve acquired so far, you’d expect them to play highlander at i52.

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HYS interview on Team Colonslash website


June 4th Commentary

Arie — Team Colonslash is back with their 3rd interview, the second one being with yours truly. They talked to HYS and discussed some recent happenings and future plans.

RD: Enough about Epsilon. I have been informed that you are not wasting time, and that a new team is in creation. Apparently, you want to contest TOP 4 teams. Can you tell us any details about that? Will it be a team of young potentials or premiership veterans? I heard there are a lot of bored premiership players in this season’s division 2B.

H: Yes, it’s true that I am interested in creating something new. I would say mostly the criteria is that the players have not played one FULL season in premiership, and I am mainly looking for players with raw deathmatching ability. I have asked around a few players for their opinions and formed a shortlist. We will look to start at the end of June (when week 7 of ETF2L’s Season 18 ends). It is likely that one player with premiership experience will assist me. That is the idea anyway, whether it goes ahead is another story ^^

Read the whole thing on the TC website.

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Epsi kicking HYS?


May 27th Gossip

Arie — Fresh from the rumour mill during last night’s cast, reported by both Admirable and Mr. T:

Epsilon is tired of losing to Kaidus’ gang of misfits, BFF, and has decided to take it out on their freshly recruited demoman HYS.


This is the chatlog between HYS and Mr. L

HYS: lol epsi removed me
HYS: because we lost to you
HYS: we played once this week
HYS: and only twice last week
HYS: funny shit :D
Mr. L: wtf
Mr. L: why
HYS: they think the reason they are shit
HYS: is me
HYS: they forgt
HYS: bash play shit last season
HYS: and that they got Raymon who is incapable of positioning himself
HYS: its pretty stupid
HYS: but i will quit the game now


And some beef between Mr. L and KnoXxX
Mr. L: why you kick HYS
Epsilon KnOxXx: go suck your sister u
Epsilon KnOxXx: !
Epsilon KnOxXx: i’m not your friend anymore
Mr. L: I don’t have a sister, monsieur knoxxx
Epsilon KnOxXx: ok
Epsilon KnOxXx: so go fuck your dogh
Epsilon KnOxXx: dog
Epsilon KnOxXx: no to be serious
Epsilon KnOxXx: i don’t gonna say anything about that
Epsilon KnOxXx: cu
Mr. L: what’s the problem brah
Mr. L: what’s wrong with you


Will Numlocked rejoin his former team? Our little birdies spotted him talking to the team. Or is WARHURYEAH going to get another go in EU’s finest (?) team? Thoughts? Rumours we missed? Comment below.


Both WARHURYEAH and Mr. T inform us that Mike will switch to demo and GeaR will return to play soldier.

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ETF2L Premiership: Curiouser and Curiouser


March 8th Gossip
Tagged: etf2l Gossip premiership Season 17

Admirable — I wrote a few words about the recent goings-on in the division they call Premiership outlining all the juicy gossip you need to be aware of in the lead up to the ETF2L Season 17 Playoffs.

“With two weeks until ETF2L’s Season 17 powered by Tt eSports Premiership Playoffs begin I felt it would be timely to research and report on a few recent movements and mishaps that have taken place amidst one of the closest seasons we have witnessed in Europe since some bright spark thought it would be a good idea to put numlocked, Mike and Stefan on the same team. Bear witness to the fruits of my labour below.”

Caution is advised when reading the gasoline soaked words over on TeamFortressTV. I won’t be held responsible for any singed eyebrows.

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ETF2L Highlander Season 6 – Premiership Preview


March 4th Announcement
Tagged: etf2l highlander NA tf2

Hildreth — Who would have thought this time last year when SNSD were adding shelves to their growing trophy cabinet that India would be the new superpower in European Highlander? Well I may be perhaps exaggerating the influence of the sub-continent country but alas, a team bearing the international flag with their long standing esteemed nayak Pancake took the ETF2L crown and established themselves as the current best team in Europe. I am of course talking about Kill Switch who claimed this accolade with a win over Highpander in a DDOS affected Final and earning themselves a hefty 500 Euros to convert into rupees and pay their multi-national roster. 3rd placed side Itsallgood arguably gave Kill Switch a harder game than the final itself as they narrowly lost the regular season playoff match with the champions, earning a respectable bronze whilst former champions DAROUTOUTOU and SNSD came 4th and 5th respectively. Former runners-up Parrot Gapers dropped after one match whilst, Legolas were relegated via playoffs losing to Division  1 runners-up Stacked who finished behind Chessclub Techniques, both securing a Premiership spot for this season. Finally Sookie Doing Work, finishing 6th place did secure themselves another season in the top flight however amid some roster troubles they have folded and this leaves one spot available in the Premiership for Season 6.

So there you have a quick recap of Season 5 and how it impacts season 6’s proceeding, ultimately we have seen a rise in a “new generation” of teams in Europe with some of the old guard being knocked off the top and the rest being succumbed to history. The result of this is nothing short of fantastic, as between seasons we have seen the new established top teams building, the former champions reshaping their rosters to rise back to glory and new additions to Prem coming in with ambitions beyond avoiding relegation. To make up the numbers, the newest addition to ETF2L Prem is a challenge like no other for our resident European teams, the challenge of the Americans in the form of current UGC Platinum leaders  Electric Temptations putting out a side to try and snatch the intercontinental cash monies. Speaking of money, the prizes they are all fighting over will be a €1000 prizepool thanks to another anonymous donation (this league is floating with charitable rich sponsors) and courtesy of TteSports by Thermaltake, nine sexy Tt BLACK Gaming Mice will be won and handed out to the winning team alongside their slice of €500, with second place settling for €350 and third place getting to share €150 euros.

Excited? No?! What if I told you Admirable was playing Medic this season for one of the teams? Convinced now? I thought so…onwards to the previews!

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ESEA vs CEVO, round 2, fight!


February 24th Gossip

Arie — While here in Yurp season 17 of ETF2L is chugging along nicely, the Yanks are in crisis mode. ESEA, the league of seasons past, is looking to implode as too few teams are signing up to support the Invite fat cats wanting to go to their socialized LAN.
The bitcoin scandal seems to be the final straw (or convenient excuse) for many teams to make the switch and it seems inevitable that ESEA NA will turn into the same joke as ESEA EU.
In typical American fashion, the league looking to replace it, CEVO, is also pay2play. The NA scene played on CEVO before switching to ESEA, a move remembered by the few players still in the game. The thread on has gotten pretty messy with arguments between these loyalists and seperatists. To give you an idea of the quality of some of the arguments, here’s one young man responding to our dear friend konr’s statement on European TF2.


[..] European TF2 is not dead to the few that said that. It isn’t dead by any means. People quit and come back in every league and always have. Top players don’t necessarily quit for any league reason either so that’s almost irrelevant to say in response to someone saying “we’re okay with a community league in europe”. On the flipside I think saying “we only have i-series” is a bit silly because we’re really lucky to have a big lan like i-series supporting our game so often. That being said I think getting a small place for LAN really should not be too hard for either top players or CEVO to arrange in the future.

Also one thing I think you should play for (however the funding to get here may be an issue) if you’re an invite player that needs an endgame is to come to one of our LANs and compete vs the best teams from all over! I’m not sure how we could possibly fund that on a constant basis but if we could how sick would that be? Don’t write off a game that you love playing just because a small LAN that you could easily replace is gone. I’d go more into detail to avoid people getting what I’m saying wrong as far as context is concerned but I’m tired man.


1. lans are much easier/cheaper to get to in Europe because US public transportation sucks.
2. euro lans as an endgame is barely feasible for one team with community support, let alone four.

Many of the old school players have voiced their concerns about returning to CEVO, while many of the newer teams are happy to try something new. So what’s our take on this Europe? Should the North American have stuck with ESEA, or are they going to be better off in CEVO?


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ETF2L Pre-Season Companion on TFTV


January 14th Gossip
Tagged: etf2l Gossip Season 17

Admirable — I put together a few words on all the teams intending to compete in Divison 1 and the Premiership in the upcoming ETF2L Season 17 over on as a companion to guide you through all the skewed opinion, trash talk and insight of the Fully Charged! Europe: Episode 5 – ETF2L Season 17 Preview.

Welcome to what will hopefully be a fairly objective and concise look at the forthcoming season of European Team Fortress 2, more precisely the teams set to feature in Division 1 and the Premiership. If you clutch this companion guide in your sweaty little paw, tonight when a panel of experts pour golden, syrupy insight in to your lugholes live on Fully Charged EU, you might just find yourself in a frenzied state of hype… but hold off on getting that Epsilon tattoo until I’ve illuminated you a little.

Read the full thing and catch the YouTube VOD over on TFTV.

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