America VS Europe – a TF2 Documentary


August 9th Announcement
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Lucky Luke — It’s here! Watch it now on YouTube, or get the HFR 50FPS version on VHX.

A groundbreaking community fundraiser gathered the funds to send two 6-man teams from America to Europe to compete for a global title, for the first time. This documentary features interviews from players, shoutcasters and spectators, incredible in-game footage and an introduction to the basics of competitive TF2. Filmed by eXtv at the i46 LAN event in Telford, England.

Thanks to everyone that helped out!

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i46 – The Mega VOD Post – Yes we know it’s late!


October 30th i46
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Beta — So by now Multiplay’s i46 is a distant memory with everyone starting to think of Christmas already.

So back to business, with ABC Tuesday being postponed for tonight, I thought why not use my spare time to advertise some of the great work we have been doing.  OK – So we know it’s late, but thanks to the work of quite a few of the guys (I cant name them all), here is all of the Vanilla TV VODs from i46.

When I say all, this is all the ones we could find and get our hands on and now remember, late is better then never!

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i46 – Good LAN / Bad LAN


August 28th i46

Skyride — While wandering around Asda gathering “supplies” with a rather anxious Swiss citizen, I bumped into TF2’s very own bodywarmer fashion model Chaplain, who annoyingly reminded me that after spending something around 50 hours working on VanillaTV this weekend, I still had a bit of work left to do. Yes the VanillaTF2 Good LAN / Bad LAN makes its second concurrent appearance!

Good – The Americans
After two and a half of months of frantic fundraising and borderline obnoxious promotion, we finally managed to raise enough money convince Sal to part with a sizeable chunk of dosh to fly over two of the finest teams in the history of North American TF2. As a (previously) avid proponent of the “NA-demos-are-trash-so-they-are-going-to-get-stomped” camp, I’d like to extend my sincerest apologies and pre-emptively remove my underwear as to save you the hassle. They were far more prepared and it was clear throughout the event.

For the first time in their respective histories, Epsilon and Infused were swept aside like 2 low prem mix teams to leave room for the “real” squads to take their rightful prize. Thankfully money is more easily distributed than a trophy and no extra security will be required for PYYYOUR’s hotel room.

Mixup and LG do a photo shoot with eXtv before the Grand Final

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Big thanks for the effort, bros


August 27th i46
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Torden — For an ambitious project, it’s always going to be easy to find the wrong bits, especially if you’re sitting at home well clear of the fog of war which is a lan event. Sure, it had its hickups, and sure there’s been elements in previous attempts which have been better. But on the whole, this has been the best covered TF2 event I’ve seen.

That’s not shabby, for a bunch of nerds mostly working from their own pockets, sacrificing their own enjoyment to bring the show to the masses.

So, to the VanillaTV crew at work (both on and off site), eXtv’s representatives, the SeanbudsTwitchTV,  Akasazh and of course the iOrganizers: Thank you.

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i46 – Classic Mixup wins i46!


August 26th i46

Arie — The Americans have done it, they’ve taken the i46 TF2 Grand Final!

Jetlagged, not playing all their usual maps, not playing with their usual ruleset and not playing with unlocks, it didn’t matter. What’s your favourite excuse for the European teams?

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i46 – Dry your eyes Europe, it’s time to get hyped


August 26th i46

Admirable — The last hope of Europe have been vanquished from the main tournament here at Insomnia 46; Epsilon eSports are out.  The optimistic crowd that had gathered around the VanillaTV Stage this afternoon were silenced by another domineering performance from Leviathan Gaming.

Anyone who has been following the VanillaTF2 coverage in the months and weeks leading up to today will not be too shocked that NA teams are besting EU teams, but just how one-sided these engagements have been should certainly be raising a few eyebrows.

The Upper Bracket victors, Classic Mixup, await LG in the Grand Final to be played in less than an hours’ time on the main stage here at Telford’s International Centre, but the repercussions of the preceding fixtures will be felt long after the hysteria of the finals has faded.

A lot of the top tier European players who have come here on the golden ticket of the few remaining MGOs supporting our scene need to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves if they still have the passion and drive that once propelled them to the top.

I apologise for the oppressive tone of this article, but the dazzling displays from these North American hotshots may have inadvertently sucked the oxygen of the i46 hype-mosphere.  The community, particularly those in attendance, need to swallow their pride and get behind these impending Grand Finals.

us Classic Mixup enigma, Ruwin, Harbleu, TLR, Platinum, PYYYOUR

Classic Mixup
Leviathan Gaming

Leviathan Gaming us Clockwork, Cyzer, mackey, enoryt, B4nny, Shade

i-series i46 Grand Final
  • Sunday August 26th
  • 18:30 cest
  • 12:30 edt (na)
  • 04:30 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • Classic Mixup (61%, 37 Votes)
  • Leviathan Gaming (39%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 61

Loading ... Loading ...
cp_gravelpit2-1TF2World.Ru TV
cp_gullywash3-4TF2World.Ru TV
cp_badlands4-3TF2World.Ru TV

So dig out your Texas Ten Gallon and start waving those star-spangled cheeseburgers; let’s create a fitting end to what has been a truly unique event in Team Fortress history.

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i46 – Day 3, the big ‘un


August 26th i46
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atmo — The third and final day of action at Insomnia 46 brings the culmination of the 6v6 tournament. With the American teams having already secured two of the top three placings, two remaining games will determine the final standings. Guaranteed at least second place are Classic Mixup, who have stomped through the tournament and into this evening’s Grand Final, beating compatriots Leviathan Gaming in the final of the Upper Bracket last night. Surviving tenaciously are Europe’s only hope, Epsilon eSports, who have claimed a spot in the Lower Bracket final against LG, a rematch of their game yesterday. 

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