Byte — So with i47 already under way, we thought we’d let you know that VanillaTV will be there to provide coverage, more content and hopefully some gossip.

i47 being the winter i-series it’s usually a quiet affair for Team Fortress 2, all of 3/4 teams competing in the tournament maybe 5/6 if we get lucky, it’s going to be easy money for those going.

Teams competing:
Kaidus’s mix
? (potentially there are enough players to make 5/6/7 teams)

So stay tuned, we may find out that there are more teams, and VanillaTV will report back to you :)

VanillaTV won’t have a booth this time, so myself and Skully will be sitting near the TF2 BYOC gamers, with our own designated space. There will be a banner stood up so you can find us quite easily :D

We’re going to try and gather the brave soldiers who are coming down to this LAN with some VanillaTV video content, we’re hoping to get a few embarrassing arm wrestle matches going, some quick fire interviews, and some random scenes of people either doing stupid things while drunk or just naturally being stupid :D

Please join #vanillatv @ quakenet and show your support, my very own Byte-Cam will be up too so some funny faces will most likely occur if those can remember what happened when I played Exfane on cp_turris_b3 (*cough* Arie *cough* XD)

Make sure you stay tuned to all the latest updates on and on our lovely stream VanillaTV

See ya soon brave soldiers out there ;)