VanillaTV – i48 Consolation Final t-t Colonmen vs Reverend WAR & disciples


March 23rd Announcement
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Byte — After the huge upset yesterday, where t-t Colonmen managed a deserved win versus Reverend WAR & his disciples, things have changed. You can check their post match reaction on our youtube channel. You will find the answer to their backup plan so to speak, and it will be interesting to see how and if WARHURYEAH can contain the soldier’s dual sync play.

The game is slightly delayed, was due to start at noon gmt, however Gubbin’s has copied his fellow patriotic friend Hildreth, and disappeared. Ally_ is roaming around like a mad man I tell thee! Trying to find a merc or even better his lover…Gubbins.

Stay tuned, as VanillaTV will be casting this game with myself and Pledge.

uk t-t-Team Colonmen Fallen, Nymthae, SnowiE, Henghast, Permzilla, Drack

t-t-Team Colonmen
Reverend WAR and his Disciples

Reverend WAR and his Disciples uk caneD, Ally, WARHURYEAH, SoniX, BenscRzy, Gubbins

i-series i48 Consolation Final
  • Saturday March 23rd
  • 12:45 cet
  • 06:45 est (na)
  • 22:45 est (aus)
  • No source tv information available

Who will win this match?

  • Reverend WAR and his Disciples (100%, 1 Votes)
  • t-t-Team Colonmen (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 1

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LAN: Insomnia 48 – VanillaTV


March 21st i48
Tagged: Byte i48 Insomnia 48 pledge team fortress 2

Byte — Another day, another LAN. Being the spring lan, this is always the cushion and preparation for the big one in the summer (Insomnia 49), with the hope that at least one american team will be able to come, providing we as a community chip in. For more information regarding this head over to TF.TV

Looking at the i48 attendance list 88 TF2 players signed up with the hope that at least 2 more players will show up to make up a potential of 15 teams! As always no top teams will be attending this LAN, deeming it that the prize fund wouldn’t cater much of a profit for the MGO’s. Which in a way is a good thing, gives a chance to those who aren’t as able to compete at the top and win something, with the aid of a few premiership/division 1 players to carry.

The pot prize for i48 is confirmed at £1000, which will be split for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, more information can be found here. We will keep you informed of the latest scheduling and any information advancing the tournament. The tournament is sponsored by Aqua-tuning, the same company that sponsored us for the massive lan i46, so big props and thanks to them for continuing their support for Team Fortress 2.

A brief mention of the ‘top’ teams going to this lan:

Unknown Team Name

Medic CommanderX
Demoman kaidus
Soldiers Stark62 and W00DY
Scouts Ramown and Greg’d

Reverend WAR and his Disciples (disturbing)

Medic Ally_
Soldiers CaneD and SoniX
Scouts BenzCrzy and Gubbins

Team Colonmen

Fallen and Henghast
Permzilla and Drackk:>

Combination of other community teams






*If I’ve missed your team, contact me!
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