i52 HighLANder Cup – Sponsored by Team Awesome!


August 22nd i52

Russian Guyovich — Looming in the shadow of the intercontinental 6v6 cup this year, i52 is playing host to another tournament dedicated to the 9v9 enthusiasts this side of the globe sponsored by the Team Awesome community and run by its very own Rob as a parting gift to all as he attends his final LAN before becoming pussywhipped getting married. While it is not the first 9v9 tournament featured at the i-series, it may well and truly be the debut of a LAN tournment in which the majority of participants are attending to primarily play highlander (after a casual, cannon fodder-like approach to the 6v6 group stages have come to an end).

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Preparation for i52


August 14th i52
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Nymthae — With less than two weeks until the event there’s the odd thing that you can do beforehand, to help things run more smoothly.

1. Sign up on clanforge – Open the tournament page and click ‘I want to play in this!’

Multiplay are requesting a 12 pm close on signups (Fri 22nd Aug). This means if your team does not have 6 players by this point it will  be dropped automatically. I can’t do anything to override that, and as much as I can delay the close they will eventually come along and end up doing it themselves.

Make sure you’re logging in with the Multiplay account your i52 ticket is booked with. You cannot sign up to the tournament without a BYOC ticket for this event.

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1 Month to go – #i52tf2


July 22nd Announcement
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Hildreth – In 4 weeks and 3 days time, on Friday the 22nd August in the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, England the eyes of the TF2 world will be focused on the Insomnia 52 LAN event, the UK’s biggest gaming festival and by extension, TF2’s most coveted prize. The days of top European sides in attendance with multitudes of community teams from UK and mainland Europe are still here, but thanks to some hard work and generous donations for the third summer running, we will have not one, not two but THREE teams from different continents attending this event. North American pride is hurt after Epsilon’s victory last year at i49, so ESEA LAN winners Froyotech and i46 champions Classic Mixup have been sponsored by a HUGE community fundraiser raising over $14,000 to fly in these superstars to compete with the likes of Epsilon and Awsomniac (EU’s top 2 sides). And to add punch into the fruit bowl, it wouldn’t be a true “World Championship” without the attendance of the Australians, Team Immunity who surprised many including myself, finishing 4th in a tournament where they had beaten the 3rd and 2nd placed sides.

All in all this promises to be a truly memorable event and to celebrate the fact we have 1 month leading up, I will be a running a rather long winded, social media campaign, using the hashtag #i52tf2 to raise hype by releasing a series of articles leading up to the event. Not all will be directly related to i52, but they will all be TF2 related and hopefully an interesting read.


So for now sit back and countdown, we have only got 31 days to go!


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More Epsilon shake ups


June 9th Gossip

Arie — Former EU superteam Epsilon eSports continues to change its lineup. ‘Kicked’ today, Raymon. Joined today WARHURYEAH.

So did WARHURYEAH jump ship for a chance to win an ETFL2L season? Once i52 comes around he’s going to be replaced with numlocked anyway, no? Your thoughts below…

Friend of the site, Mr. X hacked steam chat to get us the logs of Raymon getting his pink slip:

21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: hey raymon
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: i’m so sorry man
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: talking with mike atm
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: we just plan that for giving us more chance for winning i52 that all
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: for the rest 1 season we don’t care
21:23 – Epsilon KnOxXx: so you can keep playing with us ofc
21:24 – Epsilon KnOxXx: if you wanna finish the season np
21:31 – Raymon: nah, i think it’s the end of the line for me
21:32 – Raymon: it might be more optimal for you guys anyway, more practice for mike back on soldier, you med, etc
21:32 – Raymon: can just get pockets until seb is back
21:32 – Raymon: could you remove me from etf2l?
21:33 – Epsilon KnOxXx: i don’t wanna remove you on etf2L
21:33 – Epsilon KnOxXx: like you still in the team man
21:33 – Epsilon KnOxXx: isn’t a kick
21:34 – Raymon: okay i guess
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: we wanna play the end of the season with u if you want
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: it’s just all about i52
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: since seb is back
21:35 – Epsilon KnOxXx: we wanna bring all of our old lineup in
21:35 – Raymon: yeah i know, i saw this coming
21:35 – Raymon: but i’d rather not play
21:36 – Epsilon KnOxXx: as you want
21:36 – Epsilon KnOxXx: sorry :/
21:37 – Raymon: it’s cool

With the amount of team members they’ve acquired so far, you’d expect them to play highlander at i52.

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i52 showmatch #1


June 7th Announcement

Arie — To get some hype going for i52 and get some more donations in for the American teams, is organizing showmatches. The first two are tonight. Epsilon eSports vs Street Hoops at 18:30CEST and BFF vs XTS at 21:00CEST.

Lange will be commentating, alongside with Salamancer, who is filling in for Admirable. On camera, the flawless  TrukTruk.

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i52 US team fundraiser


June 3rd Announcement

Arie — It’s that time of year again, iSeries fundraisers! This time we’re trying to raise $12,000 to send 2 North American teams to i52 in August. Watch the video to see producer, streamer, caster, player, SOAP DM creator, MGE creator, Tip of the Hats producer, i49 VanillaTV producer and all round nice guy Lange explain

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Epsi kicking HYS?


May 27th Gossip

Arie — Fresh from the rumour mill during last night’s cast, reported by both Admirable and Mr. T:

Epsilon is tired of losing to Kaidus’ gang of misfits, BFF, and has decided to take it out on their freshly recruited demoman HYS.


This is the chatlog between HYS and Mr. L

HYS: lol epsi removed me
HYS: because we lost to you
HYS: we played once this week
HYS: and only twice last week
HYS: funny shit :D
Mr. L: wtf
Mr. L: why
HYS: they think the reason they are shit
HYS: is me
HYS: they forgt
HYS: bash play shit last season
HYS: and that they got Raymon who is incapable of positioning himself
HYS: its pretty stupid
HYS: but i will quit the game now


And some beef between Mr. L and KnoXxX
Mr. L: why you kick HYS
Epsilon KnOxXx: go suck your sister u
Epsilon KnOxXx: !
Epsilon KnOxXx: i’m not your friend anymore
Mr. L: I don’t have a sister, monsieur knoxxx
Epsilon KnOxXx: ok
Epsilon KnOxXx: so go fuck your dogh
Epsilon KnOxXx: dog
Epsilon KnOxXx: no to be serious
Epsilon KnOxXx: i don’t gonna say anything about that
Epsilon KnOxXx: cu
Mr. L: what’s the problem brah
Mr. L: what’s wrong with you


Will Numlocked rejoin his former team? Our little birdies spotted him talking to the team. Or is WARHURYEAH going to get another go in EU’s finest (?) team? Thoughts? Rumours we missed? Comment below.


Both WARHURYEAH and Mr. T inform us that Mike will switch to demo and GeaR will return to play soldier.

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