i52 showmatch #1


June 7th Announcement

Arie — To get some hype going for i52 and get some more donations in for the American teams, is organizing showmatches. The first two are tonight. Epsilon eSports vs Street Hoops at 18:30CEST and BFF vs XTS at 21:00CEST.

Lange will be commentating, alongside with Salamancer, who is filling in for Admirable. On camera, the flawless  TrukTruk.

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ETF2L S18 Week 3 preview on


May 28th Matches

Arie — This Admirable guy keeps carrying the euro scene, back with a preview for ETF2L S18 Week 3, here’s a little gem from his article on

Tag line

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Riveting stuff! Read it all on

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ETF2L Turbine Cup powered by Tt esports – VanillaTV


May 6th Announcement
Tagged: Admirable Arie Tuesday Byte cup etf2l

Byte — After hearing the devastating news that a capture the flag map was going to be in the upcoming ETF2L Season 18 league map pool, VanillaTV just had to wake up and smell the death? or breathe of fresh air for TF2- with this map being brought in. Not only that but a cup for those wanting to understand how this map works…

It’s no piece of cake, it requires a great caller who will need to adapt his team and make them understand how “the best offence is the best defence”. Having said that, the group stages have already been played and here are teams still left fighting it out for 1st prize – Tt eSPORTS Pyrrhus Mousepad


Quarter final
4-25 vs ISIS
Phase- vs eGz
K-RNAGE ESPORT vs Hello Kitteh Ninjas!
CPLAY.Tt- vs Corgi

The last place for the quarter final spot was decided yesterday evening between the 3 teams LIETUVA / Corgi / SAFARI. With corgi getting the better of the other teams winning the Golden cap. Here’s how the fixture looks going into the quarter finals:

For more of an incentive to strive and get as far as possible in this cup, Arie has generously donated 30 keys with the prize distrubtion as follows:


Top Bracket runner-up: 12 keys
Gold medal Higher Bracket winner: 12 keys
Silver medal Higher Bracket runner-up: 6 keys

VanillaTV will be covering the quarter finals, semi-finals and final tonight, with Byte and that Premiership Ambassador Admirable on the mics, with that ever so reliable Arie on stream. All matches from the quarter finals onwards will be played on Tuesday, so join us then from 20cest!


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Tip of the Hats 2014


March 29th Announcement

Arie — This weekend, the second edition of the Tip of the Hats livestream event takes place. Last year, $35000 (€25000 in real money) was raised in just 36 hours. This year things might get crazier still, with over $15000 worth of items (as of today) to be raffled off: last year for every $1 in prizes, $7 was donated.

Over the two days of streaming you’ll get to see nearly every aspect of TF2: pub, highlander, 6v6, ultiduo, MGE, surfing, jumping and crate unboxing simulator 2k7. At the same time you get to enter continuous raffles for prizes, and there’s some really interesting ones. Like the chance to win every craft and promotion hat in the game, or the contents of 200 crates.

I was going to paste a Eurofied time schedule of the event here, but since daylight savings time ends in Europe this weekend my brain broke trying to convert the timezones. So take a look at the official schedule here and figure it out for yourself, or trust my time conversion skills.

Day 1 schedule


Mar. 29Time CET/CESTTime EST
Intro17:00 CET12:00 PM
Highlander NA vs EU18:00 CET1:00 PM
Pub20:00 CET3:00 PM
1v1 MGE Tourney21:00 CET4:00 PM
Pub22:00 CET5:00 PM
2v2 BBall Tourney23:00 CET6:00 PM
Pub00:00 CET7:00 PM
Ultiduo Tourney01:00 CET8:00 PM
Randomizer Pub03:00 CEST9:00 PM
Surf04:00 CEST10:00 PM
Day 1 Wrap Up06:00 CEST12:00 AM

Day 2 schedule


Mar. 30Time CESTTime EST
Intro18:00 CEST12:00 PM
6v6 NA vs EU19:00 CEST1:00 PM
Pub21:00 CEST3:00 PM
2v2 MGE Tourney22:00 CEST4:00 PM
9v9 RTD23:00 CEST5:00 PM
Jump00:00 CEST6:00 PM
Pub02:00 CEST8:00 PM
Uncrating03:00 CEST9:00 PM
Dota Fortress04:00 CEST10:00 PM
Day 2 Wrap Up06:00 CEST12:00 AM
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TF2 Ultiduo tournament by Just Play! and TragicServers


March 5th Announcement

wrech — Hello everyone!

Just Play! and are pleased to announce our first-ever European TF2 Ultiduo Tournament! This tournament is being held to announce the grand opening of Just Play’s European MGE location connect


Sunday, March 9th @ 6PM Central European Time (12PM EST, 9AM PST)


Frankfurt, Germany.
Servers provided by
Mumble: (port 64738)
Practice server: connect

Tournament Information

Mode: Ultiduo (2v2)
Map: ultiduo_baloo by mkk – screenshots
Format: Single Elimination (live brackets will be provided by challonge)
Bracket Size: 16 Teams (32 Players)
Entry Fee: 1 KEY PER TEAM – All proceeds will be donated directly to!
Matches will be Best of 3 Rounds, Semi-Finals and Finals will be Best of 5 Rounds

Tournament Rules

  • Both team members must in mumble and ready to play by no later than 6:15PM CET
  • Allowed Medic weapons: Syringe Gun, Crusaders Crossbow, Medi-Gun, Ubersaw, Bonesaw
  • Allowed Soldier weapons: Rocket Launcher, Original, Shotgun, Gunboats, Escape Plan, Market Gardner, Shovel


  • First Place: Three (3) months TF2 server rental – Germany (each player)
  • Second Place: Two (2) months TF2 server rental – Germany (each player)


Coverage for this event is being provided by our amazing friends over at eXtv!!!


The signup form for this event is over on our website:

Use promo JUSTPLAY for 20% OFF LIFETIME Game Servers (16+ slots) and Virtual Private Servers!
Promotion available for a limited time, so act fast!

Good Luck!

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TeamFortress.TV ZOWIE Invitational #2


January 23rd Matches
Tagged: TeamFortressTV ZOWIE

huhy — We’ve just announced an exciting new eight team invite tournament happening this Sunday.

The spectacular finale of TeamFortress.TV’s first ZOWIE Invitational proved to be a foretelling of the future. It was to give us our first glimpse of  Classic Mixup playing to their full potential against an  iT roster that was undefeated at the time. These were performances that would be emulated again in Dallas and it is with ESEA’s Season 15 LAN Finals still fresh in our memory that TeamFortress.TV are proud to present to you a second competition of the highest standard in partnership with ZOWIE Gear.

The dust has settled on the the battlefields of North America… for now. It’s as quiet as a backcap out there. In darkened rooms the shadowy figures of the invite illuminati plot each other’s demise, bargaining with the gods of Team Fortress 2 for future riches and glory. Across the Atlantic Ocean a new dawn is breaking upon European soil where the throne lays empty. It is there that our story continues…

Read the full announcement over right here.

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ETF2L HL S5: itsallgood vs. SNSD & DAROUTOUTOU vs. SNSD


January 5th Announcement

Jon — Tonight we see a double-bill with coverage of  itsallgood fighting against  SNSD on Barnblitz back-to-back with  DAROUTOUTOU against  SNSD again on Badwater. Who will win? No-one knows. Tune in to find out!

eu itsallgood



ETF2L Highlander Season 5 Premiership Week 7
(No comments)
  • Sunday January 5th
  • 20:00 cet
  • 14:00 est (na)
  • 06:00 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • SNSD (100%, 3 Votes)
  • itsallgood (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 3

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ETF2L Highlander Season 5 Premiership Week 1
(No comments)
  • Sunday January 5th
  • 21:15 cet
  • 15:15 est (na)
  • 07:15 est (aus)

Who will win this match?

  • SNSD (67%, 2 Votes)
  • DAROUTOUTOU (33%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 3

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Casted by  Heavy Is GPS on the stream and mic along with  Hildreth for the first game and  Jake for the second over at BlackOut TV from 20:00 CET onwards.

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