TF2 by the Numbers – A Scottish Tragedy


June 21st News

“By the pricking of my thumb,

Something wicked this way comes” – William Shakespeare, MacBeth

Gentleman Jon — In what will be the last article of this kind because TF2 is now dead I’m taking a quick look at the immediate impact of the new sticky damage ramp up effect on the EU TF2 rules set. It’s only been a few days but there are some trends appearing on the pickup site logs. The data runs from the 18th to today (20th) from the tf2pickup site logs. This makes a good representation of the great unwashed proletariat TF2 competitive scene that applies to the most players, as opposed to the Olympian heights of the Premiership mix.

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Season 17 Grand Final Preview – TF2 by the Numbers


April 6th News

Gentleman Jon — Firstly let me apologise in advance for an even lower standard of article than usual but it’s a bit of a rush to fit this around real life so I’m putting it out a bit early as well. I know, if I could cancel rl entirely I would. You’ll just have to do the proof reading for me.

Anyway, it couldn’t have been closer but TLR overcame incredible resistance from AWS to make the ETF2L Season 17 grand final. Reflecting briefly on the game, AWS clearly prepared carefully for TLR and radically changed some tactics. TLR played into their hands to an extent picking one of AWS’s go-to maps in Badlands but the combination of KnOxXx and Hys’s experience was able to eventually overturn their initial disadvantage.

AWS were just seconds away from overturning their Granary jinx in spectacular fashion but ultimately their bogey map proved too much to overcome. Hys was downbeat about his performance in the match and statistically he took a hit, and during the match (particularly on Viaduct) he seemed to be the focus for AWS and Flippy. MiG will have been watching closely.

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Tip of the Hats 2014


March 29th Announcement

Arie — This weekend, the second edition of the Tip of the Hats livestream event takes place. Last year, $35000 (€25000 in real money) was raised in just 36 hours. This year things might get crazier still, with over $15000 worth of items (as of today) to be raffled off: last year for every $1 in prizes, $7 was donated.

Over the two days of streaming you’ll get to see nearly every aspect of TF2: pub, highlander, 6v6, ultiduo, MGE, surfing, jumping and crate unboxing simulator 2k7. At the same time you get to enter continuous raffles for prizes, and there’s some really interesting ones. Like the chance to win every craft and promotion hat in the game, or the contents of 200 crates.

I was going to paste a Eurofied time schedule of the event here, but since daylight savings time ends in Europe this weekend my brain broke trying to convert the timezones. So take a look at the official schedule here and figure it out for yourself, or trust my time conversion skills.

Day 1 schedule


Mar. 29Time CET/CESTTime EST
Intro17:00 CET12:00 PM
Highlander NA vs EU18:00 CET1:00 PM
Pub20:00 CET3:00 PM
1v1 MGE Tourney21:00 CET4:00 PM
Pub22:00 CET5:00 PM
2v2 BBall Tourney23:00 CET6:00 PM
Pub00:00 CET7:00 PM
Ultiduo Tourney01:00 CET8:00 PM
Randomizer Pub03:00 CEST9:00 PM
Surf04:00 CEST10:00 PM
Day 1 Wrap Up06:00 CEST12:00 AM

Day 2 schedule


Mar. 30Time CESTTime EST
Intro18:00 CEST12:00 PM
6v6 NA vs EU19:00 CEST1:00 PM
Pub21:00 CEST3:00 PM
2v2 MGE Tourney22:00 CEST4:00 PM
9v9 RTD23:00 CEST5:00 PM
Jump00:00 CEST6:00 PM
Pub02:00 CEST8:00 PM
Uncrating03:00 CEST9:00 PM
Dota Fortress04:00 CEST10:00 PM
Day 2 Wrap Up06:00 CEST12:00 AM
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TF2 by the Numbers – Season 17 Playoffs Round 1


March 22nd News

Gentleman Jon —ETF2L Season 17 regular season has drawn to a close and we now face the blood and guts, do or die, go-home-with-your-shield-or-on-it playoffs to decide who will bathe in the rarefied glow of ultimate victory. I’ll be doing a little preview of the matches as they come along, starting with Dotter vs Awsomniacs. After that for the terminally short of anything better to do there’s some ramblings describing how I calculate the rating.

Before we begin, no logs involving the dropped team now known as Bonne Ambiance 2k14 have been used.

Awsomniacs vs Dotter

There’s very little to separate Dotter and Awsomniacs during the regular season, the Frenchies only finishing one point ahead in the final standings. Their individual match went the way of Awsomniacs but only by the narrowest of margins via a golden cap win on Process and a 3-2 victory on Viaduct. It seems from their league records that Awsomniacs have a miniscule edge.

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TF2 Ultiduo tournament by Just Play! and TragicServers


March 5th Announcement

wrech — Hello everyone!

Just Play! and are pleased to announce our first-ever European TF2 Ultiduo Tournament! This tournament is being held to announce the grand opening of Just Play’s European MGE location connect


Sunday, March 9th @ 6PM Central European Time (12PM EST, 9AM PST)


Frankfurt, Germany.
Servers provided by
Mumble: (port 64738)
Practice server: connect

Tournament Information

Mode: Ultiduo (2v2)
Map: ultiduo_baloo by mkk – screenshots
Format: Single Elimination (live brackets will be provided by challonge)
Bracket Size: 16 Teams (32 Players)
Entry Fee: 1 KEY PER TEAM – All proceeds will be donated directly to!
Matches will be Best of 3 Rounds, Semi-Finals and Finals will be Best of 5 Rounds

Tournament Rules

  • Both team members must in mumble and ready to play by no later than 6:15PM CET
  • Allowed Medic weapons: Syringe Gun, Crusaders Crossbow, Medi-Gun, Ubersaw, Bonesaw
  • Allowed Soldier weapons: Rocket Launcher, Original, Shotgun, Gunboats, Escape Plan, Market Gardner, Shovel


  • First Place: Three (3) months TF2 server rental – Germany (each player)
  • Second Place: Two (2) months TF2 server rental – Germany (each player)


Coverage for this event is being provided by our amazing friends over at eXtv!!!


The signup form for this event is over on our website:

Use promo JUSTPLAY for 20% OFF LIFETIME Game Servers (16+ slots) and Virtual Private Servers!
Promotion available for a limited time, so act fast!

Good Luck!

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ETF2L Highlander Season 6 – Premiership Preview


March 4th Announcement
Tagged: etf2l highlander NA tf2

Hildreth — Who would have thought this time last year when SNSD were adding shelves to their growing trophy cabinet that India would be the new superpower in European Highlander? Well I may be perhaps exaggerating the influence of the sub-continent country but alas, a team bearing the international flag with their long standing esteemed nayak Pancake took the ETF2L crown and established themselves as the current best team in Europe. I am of course talking about Kill Switch who claimed this accolade with a win over Highpander in a DDOS affected Final and earning themselves a hefty 500 Euros to convert into rupees and pay their multi-national roster. 3rd placed side Itsallgood arguably gave Kill Switch a harder game than the final itself as they narrowly lost the regular season playoff match with the champions, earning a respectable bronze whilst former champions DAROUTOUTOU and SNSD came 4th and 5th respectively. Former runners-up Parrot Gapers dropped after one match whilst, Legolas were relegated via playoffs losing to Division  1 runners-up Stacked who finished behind Chessclub Techniques, both securing a Premiership spot for this season. Finally Sookie Doing Work, finishing 6th place did secure themselves another season in the top flight however amid some roster troubles they have folded and this leaves one spot available in the Premiership for Season 6.

So there you have a quick recap of Season 5 and how it impacts season 6’s proceeding, ultimately we have seen a rise in a “new generation” of teams in Europe with some of the old guard being knocked off the top and the rest being succumbed to history. The result of this is nothing short of fantastic, as between seasons we have seen the new established top teams building, the former champions reshaping their rosters to rise back to glory and new additions to Prem coming in with ambitions beyond avoiding relegation. To make up the numbers, the newest addition to ETF2L Prem is a challenge like no other for our resident European teams, the challenge of the Americans in the form of current UGC Platinum leaders  Electric Temptations putting out a side to try and snatch the intercontinental cash monies. Speaking of money, the prizes they are all fighting over will be a €1000 prizepool thanks to another anonymous donation (this league is floating with charitable rich sponsors) and courtesy of TteSports by Thermaltake, nine sexy Tt BLACK Gaming Mice will be won and handed out to the winning team alongside their slice of €500, with second place settling for €350 and third place getting to share €150 euros.

Excited? No?! What if I told you Admirable was playing Medic this season for one of the teams? Convinced now? I thought so…onwards to the previews!

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TF2 by the Numbers – ItsAllGood vs KillSwitch preview


January 15th News

GentlemanJon — During the regular season these 2 teams were separated by 4 points and KillSwitch won the head to head with a decisive 2-0 on Gravel Pit. Itasallgood squeezed past DA in the 1st round of the playoffs showing total superiority on Badwater, total inferiority on the 6v6 favourite Gulllywash and a healthy dash of do or die spirit on Lakeside which could theoretically have been closer, but not by much.

Now they face another specialist highlander team in KillSwitch so the advantages they enjoyed on Badwater and Lakeside over DA won’t be apparent here.

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