ModMic 4.0 review


June 7th News
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Arie — Over 2 years ago, atmo wrote about a cool new product by AntLion Audio, called the ModMic. He concluded:

The ModMic is a very clever product. It is relatively inexpensive, and incorporates multiple ingenious design features to ingratiate itself with gamers and VOIPers alike. Of course, these features would matter little were it not for a solid auditory performance, but thankfully this time we have a mic that is up to the challenge.

In this review we’ll talk about what AntLion has been up to since and compare their newest product, the ModMic 4.0, to their previous model and my personal favourite gaming headset, the Beyerdynamic MMX300.

MMX300 - ModMic 4.0 - ModMic 3.0

MMX300 – ModMic 4.0 – ModMic 3.0

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The Ricoh Arena: i51 review


April 23rd Lan Coverage
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Nymthae — So last year Multiplay announced a move from the Telford International Centre. Their new home is not too far away, in Coventry. Insomnia51 was the first lan to be held at the Ricoh Arena.

The whole event went pretty smoothly, especially for a new venue. It is important to remember that ticket sales were capped to around 1600 BYOC gamers so this event was not running even near full capacity. I’m not exactly sure how they’re intending to expand, although I heard words about using the pitch space. TF2 TENT REBORN.

I’m hoping this article will serve as a bit of an FAQ for i52. All prices listed may be subject to change.

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Server providers part 2 – Hiperz


July 10th News
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Arie — If you’ve been around in our community for a while, you’ve surely heard of Hiperz. It’s generally known to be a good provider (please comment if you agree/disagree) at a higher price compared to most others.

About Hiperz

Hiperz was founded in 2010 and is currently a 2-man company based in Italy. They can manage with so few thanks to extensive automation and outsourcing of servers and networking. It’s an actual company, not some “I rented dedi server, please give me money”-project.

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Server providers part 1 –


June 25th Review
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Arie — In this first part of a series on server providers, But first things first: I wrote the reservation system. This makes the research for this article really easy for me and any conclusions about the quality of the service undoubtly biased. ;) If you hate walls of text, there’s a TL;DR list of pros/cons at the end.

Serveme 'logo'

Serveme homepage

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Article interest check: Server providers comparison


June 24th Review
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Arie — This is an interest check for an article comparing TF2 server providers. It would compare the following providers (or more) based on price, control panels, support, network, locations and customer experiences:

Fragnet, Hiperz, Hypernia, (huehuehue)

Leave a comment if you’d like to see such an article, are a lover/hater of one of these server providers, or know a decent TF2 server provider that I’ve missed.

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SNSD’s dominance and the state of European Highlander


January 29th Commentary

Disclaimer – This article is long and about Highlander, if you don’t like or watch Highlander then this isn’t for you to read.

 Hildreth – Yes ladies and gentlemen, well…mostly gentlemen, it’s that time again where Highlander pops up on this website, the game format being akin to the weather after the main news has been delivered, getting that little chunk of time at the end of the programme, although for a lot of people the weather is the most important part (plus the weather girls are more attractive than the newsreaders). I have started to write this commentary on the dawn of perhaps the greatest TF2 achievement of all time made by arguably the greatest, most dominant team of all time – I have put emphasis on the words ‘perhaps‘ and ‘arguably‘ to avoid comments comparing the merits of achievements. If you are however not aware, SouthKorea SNSD have come away with yet another title, winning the 3rd season of ETF2L Highlander Premiership division and taking a hefty sum of €1,035 divided by 9. This makes it their 3rd season and 6th tournament win undefeated, with only 3 map losses (plus a round loss on Gravelpit this season to May Contain Nuts) during the whole time, giving them an unbeatable 39-0 record in terms of matches (including default wins and bo3’s). It would be a 39-1 record if you included the showmatch between American champions   The Syndicate and SouthKorea SNSD, but that brings the topic to another area, an area that asks why no-one has been able to defeat SouthKorea SNSD, why the only teams that have touched them have been just sneaking rounds/maps off them occasionally over the course of nearly 3 years and why European Highlander is not an established scene like the North American scene who as of this season sees UGC boast 350 teams in their North American divisions whilst ETF2L has half the numbers. What has gone wrong with European Highlander? What has gone right with North American Highlander and why was the 2nd best team to challenge SouthKorea SNSD a group of high level 6’s players who rarely practised? For me, a person who has invested a lot of his personal time trying to create a scene in Europe, the frustration of the position of our scene today feels like to me I have wasted my efforts – we in Europe have perhaps the best infrastructure in terms of a league, a community with coverage and organizations to deliver the best TF2 experience in the world yet we have failed to do so – so why?

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i46 – The Beta Perspective


August 29th Gossip

Beta —  Well, what a weekend and what a turnout.  Though my body is starting to recover from the lack of sleep, my lack of voice has been noticeable to most on work calls today.

Like some, I did the full 4 day stint from Thursday to Sunday.  You’ll probably be surprised to know that of all that time, the most time I spent at my own PC was writing the charity raffle.  Let’s keep with that thought and talk about how it turned out – Read on to find out more!

Please note, my views and opinions are my own, these don’t represent anyone from VanillaTF2 or VanillaTV.

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